A bit about me.

Hi, My name is Brian and I play guitar, sing and write songs.  Over the past 2 decades (and counting) I’ve been involved in the DIY /Punk/Hardcore/Whatever scene, previously playing in bands such as, Quarantine, Disaffect, Psycho Flowers, Ruin, Debris, Thisclose  and Scatha, as well as doing a few stints in The Disturbed, Discover and 70s Rock Must Die.

I’ve been playing acoustically on and off since 2009, with doing it more frequently since  2012.  A lot of people automatically assume that because I play an acoustic guitar that I am a folk musician or folk punk.  I have honestly no idea what that means and I would still say that I play punk, albeit with an acoustic.

If you go to the gig page on this site you’ll see that I have played numerous gigs in the UK and the Continent, as well as well as a small trip to the Canary Islands last year! You’ll also see where I am playing next!

I book all my own gig and I’m always on the look out to play so get in touch if you would like me to come along to your pub, club, squat, house, garden or shed.  Music and playing is all about meeting new people sharing ideas and music, be it small or big or near to home or further afield.

To date I have released 3 EPs under the title ‘The Triads of Impairment’ series.  These EPs were inspired by my son who is autistic and all the money raised from these EPs goes to Scottish Autism who do a great job helping individuals on the autistic spectrum and their families.

Like everyone, I always have lots of ideas in my head that I want to do and some of these will come to fruition and some will remain in some part of my head to return to later.  On the pipe line at present is 0161 Festival in Manchester at the end of April and a trip out to the Canary Islands again in May.  I’ll also be playing at the Anarcho Folk gatherings in Brighton and Elgin in June

Have a listen to my music, come and see me play and If you like what you hear / see, please get in touch via here, Facebook or on Twitter

Making Acoustic Punk a Threat Again